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Searching for Free College Term Papers: List of Prompts

When looking for free college term papers, it is best that you are very careful and very selective. You have no way of knowing who wrote the paper and what his or her qualifications are. You may also run into plagiarism issues, and that is no situation anyone wants to get into with their school. You might want to consider finding a list of free prompts for your paper. You can then take your prompt to a writing tutor or a writing company and get help with your paper. Here are some favorite prompts from all disciplines and subjects.

  • The New Terrorism and How it Operates
  • Going Green
  • Is Organic Really Better
  • Physics at the Theme Park
  • Pet Adoptions
  • Is Wheat Really Evil
  • Shakespeare and Mythology
  • Math and Magic
  • Recycling at Home
  • Home Schooling
  • ISIS and its Terror
  • Is the Monarchy Obsolete
  • Hemingway’s Simple Writing Style
  • Does Social Media Hurt Us
  • Analyzing Light and Dark in Hamlet
  • Who is William Shakespeare
  • Apps that Changed Our Life
  • Silicon Valley and the Geniuses from There
  • Hip Hop and the World of Gangs
  • Modern Art
  • Paying College Athletes
  • Why Are So many Athletes Getting Arrested
  • The World Cup and its Impact on Brazil
  • Ipads in the Classroom
  • VPNs at School
  • Concussions and Football
  • Hybrid Cars and their Cost
  • Why Our Children Can’t Read
  • Education and the Common Core
  • Sylvia Plath and her Poems of Pain
  • Beethoven Beats
  • Mythology in the Modern World

As you can see in this topic list there are many, many choices. And there is something for everyone on the list. If you do not like any topics on this list, you will find that there are hundreds and hundreds of research paper topics listed online. Just search for the lists using the proper key words. When you select a topic, whether you are writing it on your own or seeking professional help, make sure that you like the topic. You will do a better job if you like your topic. Remember that there will be times when you get to pick the topic for your essay and there will be times the teacher assigns the topic for your essay. Additionally, always find out if your teacher wants you to write in the APA style or in the MLA style of writing. Start your paper early, seek professional help if you need it, and check the web for free topic lists and suggestions.