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Composing A Term Paper About The Fallen 44: Tips And Tricks

The 44 were heroes who fought bravely in battle and fell defending what they believed to be true. When you write a term paper about them you will have to be most careful. Do not make any casual remark which may be taken as disrespect. You will have to explain the events in details but try and keep the graphic contents away from your paper. Remember whom you are writing it for. It is meant to impress your teachers who are going to grade you, so keep sensationalism to the minimum and be more objective in your approach.

Here are a few tips that will help you write the term paper on the Fallen 44:

  • Research on the topic. Since it I a contemporary topic you will get a lot of information in newspapers and news related blogs. The internet is filled with websites that have featured the 44 in one way or the other. The way this incident drew support from social networking sites that most news medium covered it in elaborate details. So all you have to do is look through the various archives and news that were published during the end of January 2015. If you use a reputed search engine you will get a filter option. It lets you filter different types of content in your search results. You can use this feature to search specifically for news content and anything published on the topic.

  • The second step would be to plan the entire paper. Decide on the angel you wish to explore. Do you want to write in detail about the 44 slain heroes, how they were in their professional life or interviews and experts of the surviving members of the person’s family. How one of the 44 was as an individual? Or do you wish to reflect more on the tragedy and what lead to it. The steps the government has taken since then and perhaps it could have been avoided..

  • Once you have planed the essay and started writing try and follow with the initial plan this will help you in maintain a sense of flow in your paragraphs. The abrupt transitions from one paragraph to another can be disconnecting and lead to poor grades. Make the transitions smooth and keep it flowing. End a paragraph in such a way that the reader is automatically adjusted for the next point..