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How To Start A Research Paper - Tricks For Making A Catchy Introduction

A research paper is like any piece of prose in that it has a structure, a series of rules to follow and requires excellent content. If you get those three things right you're well on the way to writing a terrific research paper. But every essay, every research paper begins with an introduction and as the old saying goes, ‘you don't get a second chance to make a first impression’. You need a catchy introduction. What do we mean by that?

Every research paper by students in high school or college will be read by at least one person, their teacher or professor. The work will be read by the person who is marking or assessing their research paper. You need to understand that this is not somebody who's doing this by choice. I do not have an option on whether or not they will read your research paper. I have to do it. All the more reason why you should go out of your way to make them want to read it. Have you done that? Start by writing a catchy introduction.

What makes an introduction catchy?

Very early on in your introduction if not the very first sentence you write a thesis statement. This is the crux of your research paper. This is a question that you are going to answer or a statement that you are going to prove throughout the rest of your research paper. Therefore because the thesis statement is so important it needs considerable effort on your part to get just right.

The thesis statement needs to be crystal clear. Reading it, your teacher or professor will have no doubt about what you are setting out to study or research in your paper. Keep your thesis statement to as few words as possible. That's the kicker or starter in your introduction. Then we come to the teasing. You need to assume that the person reading your research paper is doing it by choice. If that's the case unless your introduction is catchy, the reader will stop reading and go on to something else.

So when it comes to teasing the reader, you need to tell them enough about what is going to appear later in the research paper without letting the cat out of the bag. You've heard about the expression of spoiler alert. You don't want to tell them information they will receive later in the essay. But you do want to tell him that what is going to appear later in the essay is really worth reading. Entice them to keep reading.