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How To Write An Academic Research Paper: A Unique Strategy

Your research paper is an old nemesis that’s been weighing on your conscience for a while. But you have been learning some homework-destroying ninja skills that will put this assignment in its place once and for all. Here’s a refresher on how to win the fight.

Get energized before you start

Is the thought of facing your opponent causing you to shrink back? It may sound unorthodox, but try having a cold shower before starting your project. People who have tried this report amazing benefits such as:

  • - More energy
  • - A go-getter attitude
  • - Better focus (and less “mind fog”)
  • - More resistance to distractions.

These qualities will put you in a powerful position to tackle your research paper.

Choose your weapon

Every ninja warrior needs the right weapons in order to fight effectively. These weapons need to be something the ninja is comfortable and experienced with. The tools you use as a student writer should work for you, not against you. Consider things like the following:

  • - Music that helps you relax or focus better while you work
  • - Language references such as a thesaurus, dictionary, or list of terms that pertain to your subject
  • - A sample research paper that you can refer to for structure guidelines
  • - A pen and notebook to take important notes during your research

Why you need a mantra—or five

Here’s a ninja that lives by a code. It’s that code that keeps him alive; keeps him centred and helps him deal with difficult situations.

Students can follow a similar strategy when taking on difficult or long assignments. While doing your research, come up with five main key points that you wish to convey in your research paper. These five points need to be:

  • - Interesting
  • - Possessive of a shock factor
  • - Original
  • - Accurate

    • Write each one down on its own A4 paper and stick these papers all around your working area. Develop your content around these and keep referring back to make sure you’re including their principles.

      What to do when you get knocked down

      Every warrior experiences temporary defeats from time to time. But these defeats—handled correctly—can turn out to be valuable lessons or opportunities. If you struggle with lack of drive or fatigue, go over these processes again. Don’t quit until you’ve beaten your foe and exercised your mind to success!

      “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”  ― Bruce Lee