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Good Topics For Argumentative Research Papers

An argumentative research paper has to use the thesis as the framework of your essay.  Your argumentative thesis statement isn’t asking a question or stating a fact but is your position on the issue of your research paper. If you are having problems coming up with one, then using the work “should” in your thesis should help you.

You can find you argumentative topic anywhere, on the Internet, in a newspaper or magazine, and on television or even the radio.  There are also websites that compile topic for you from various places online, Cal State and Santa Monica College are just two good sites that you can use.  I’m going to get you started on your topics; you can use any of these or check out other sources to get a topic for your argumentative research paper.

Good Topics For Your Argumentative Research Paper

  • - Should the United States adopt a single payer health insurance, like Canada and Europe?  With success of these programs in Canada and Europe, do you think it’s time for the United States to adopt this program?
  • Should inmates on death row be used for medical testing instead of using animals?

  • - Should drivers over the age of seventy be required to take an exam every couple years before renewing their licenses?  You can argue which test they need to pass, like eye, physical, and drivers.

  • - Should physician assisted suicide be legal if the person is dying and gives consent?  This is already legal in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico and other states are debating in their own states.

  • - Should every state create a law that requires divorcing couples to go through marriage counseling before they can get divorced?

  • - Should we come up with a new process to diagnose kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to help doctors from misdiagnosing the disorder and over prescribing medication?

  • - Should classroom sizes for elementary school students be limited to twenty per class?

  • - Should animal testing for drugs be outlawed because our technology has made this testing unnecessary?

Topics You Shouldn’t Use For Your Paper

There are some topics that might have worked in the past but now they have been over done or they are too controversial and they have a neutral audience.  

  • - Abortion
  • - Immigration
  • - Gun Control/ Capital Punishment
  • - Topics On Religion Only
  • - Professional Sports Players Salaries
  • - Professional Wrestling Real?
  • - Punishment Of Drunk Drivers
  • - Diets Don’t Or Do Work