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List of scholarly topics for biology research papers

Writing a scholarly research paper is much the same as writing any other research paper, but since it is intended for peer-reviewed publication in a journal, it needs to be organized, systematic, structured, and interesting. A great research presented in a dry, wooden style will be hard on the reader.

However, let us not run before the train. You have decided to write a scholarly research paper in biology and you have a few areas that you think can be worked on. However, narrowing it down to one topic and formulating it into a question can be a hard job.

The best way to start on the quest for a topic is to decide which part of the subject YOU are interested in. Whether you would prefer writing about human biology, zoology or botany, if it were not otherwise specified.

A few inspiring topics that are found on the college websites and other sites on the Internet are:

  1. Is Obesity a Genetic Trait?
  2. Is there a way to prevent Obesity in people who have family history?
  3. The Criminal gene: A farce or fact
  4. Is sexual orientation genetically determined?
  5. Does abortion affect future pregnancies?
  6. Is biological warfare real: a historical perspective
  7. Is HIV/Ebola/Anthrax a weapon of mass destruction?
  8. Sleep disorders and their relationship with micronutrients
  9. The origins of homo sapiens
  10. Relation between drug abuse and infertility
  11. Are genetic disorders treatable
  12. Research and the pharmaceutical industry
  13. Relation between vaccines and autism
  14. Relation between vaccines and diabetes
  15. Genetic engineering
  16. Global warming and human health
  17. Relationship between Alcohol and Amnesia
  18. Is addiction genetic?
  19. Relationship between breastfeeding and immunity
  20. Is cannabis a wonder drug?

    A scholarly paper is about fresh perspectives and not just a “unique” topic. You can write your research paper on a problem, question, or issue from a new angle. You can do a synthesis of the work done on the topic, present some conclusions and suggest future research.

    Once you have selected a topic and have done your research, sit down and write a rough draft. Clearly outline the sections of the paper and decide how much you are going to write in each.

    The most important thing is to keep it concise, interesting, and relevant. These topics will give you a clear idea for composing your own topic