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How To Find Good Research Topics For Your English Paper

Your English paper must be interesting and original to impress your teachers and peers. Take your time choosing a topic in order to be sure that it will indeed make an impact. The factors you need to consider when doing this are:

  • - Personal interest.
  • You need to like the subject you write about, or at least be interested in it. This is important because this will help your motivation. Your paper will also reflect your passion about the topic. This is something that cannot be faked even by a professional.

  • - Relevance.
  • You can write about a great number of things, but you have to remember that even the fact that you like some subjects, doesn’t mean that other people will be interested in them. Therefore, you should pick a topic that is relevant at the moment. This will make your essay more meaningful and might even earn you some extra credit.

  • - Educational value.
  • Your essay must teach the readers something. Reiterating some well-known facts doesn’t make a good paper. You have to introduce some new ideas or fill in some blanks in the existing knowledge of the subject.

  • - Appropriate scope.
  • Your topic must be neither too wide nor too narrow. Do some preliminary research in order to make sure that there is enough material to fill your work with relevant data. If there is more information on the subject, narrow it down or your paper will seem incomplete or superfluous.

English Paper Topic Ideas

If you still struggle with deciding what to write about, look at the following suggestions. Some of them might inspire you:

  1. 1. Parent influence on children’s literacy level.
  2. 2. Study of a local dialect.
  3. 3. Difficulties of teaching English as a second language to Chinese students.
  4. 4. The influence of reading on cognitive development of children.
  5. 5. Development of the English language in your region.
  6. 6. Promoting early literacy: when should we start teaching reading and writing to children.
  7. 7. English spoken by the members of Hispanic communities: peculiarities of the dialect.
  8. 8. English language in advertising.
  9. 9. Connection between language and culture.
  10. 10. Promotion of nationalism through language.
  11. 11. English language and colonization.
  12. 12. Language as a component of cultural identity.
  13. 13. Internet communication and evolution of English.
  14. 14. Studying a person’s English vocabulary for behavioral analysis.
  15. 15. English puns: why are they a part of our culture.

In case you cannot decide what exactly you want to write about, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are some specialized writing services that can help you develop a topic as well as create a paper you will be proud of.