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Us History Term Paper Topic: Use This Guide To Make It Shine

For students in a US History class, they are assigned a term paper; it’s just like breathing, natural and expected.  The term paper tends to also be a very large portion of the final grade, meaning that the paper has to be well polished and shine.  For the student who has a difficult time when it comes to writing term papers, they need a guide to help them work through the paper.  Using a guide can really assist them to include all parts of the term paper and work to polish the paper as best they can.


  • Choose a topic
  • The student needs to choose the topic, if one wasn’t assigned to them. They need to choose something that they are interested in for best results.  

  • Research
  • Researching is key for any paper, but especially in history, the dates and names must be right.  It’s imperative to know the correct spellings and dates because when writing a history term paper you have to know the history.  

  • Organize
  • The teacher might have a specific way they want the paper organized.  If this is the case follow that.  However, it format is not provided the student needs to know what how they will organize their paper.  All papers have introduction, body and conclusion.  The student should organize the body in either chronological order of events they are writing about.

  • Write
  • After organize the format of the paper, the student needs to write it.  They should follow their outline.  The body of the paper for a history paper needs to make sense.  Subtopics need to be grouped together. So the paper doesn’t bounce around.  Each new idea and each point needs to have a new paragraph.  

  • Edit and Proof-read
  • Once the student has written the paper they need let it sit for at least an hour and then go back to it to edit the paper.  Look for varied sentence structure, grammar and spelling errors, and typos.

  • Edit, again.
  • Editing is so important that the student should do it twice. Editing is tedious and time consuming, however, the student has to take the time to do it.  This is when the polishing of the paper happens. Editing is when the paper turns from coal to diamond.

  • Peer Review
  • Have a friend or peer review the paper; having a second set of eyes on the paper will help see the places that still need some work.  See the areas that don’t make sense or a bit wonky.

  • Polish
  • Fix the mistakes found in the peer review.  Reread the paper again and then finally the paper will be ready to turn in.  

  • Turn In

Using this guide can really help the student have a well-polished paper that shines and impresses.  This guide can really help the student work through their paper to insure that they have all the proper parts of the paper.