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What Are The Main Rules of Writing An Excellent Research Paper?

Students often write us with inquires about how they can improve their research paper writing skills. Today, we are going to go over the top 5 rules to creating an excellent research paper without too much extra work.

  1. 1. Always work from an outline!
  2. The best piece of advice we can offer students is to always (I repeat ALWAYS) work with an outline!

    Writing from an outline will dramatically help you increase the quality of your writing. Also, it saves you time because you can lie your entire main points out before you begin writing. Outlines are helpful because they let students compose more focused papers that stay on topic. A research paper that has been composed from an outline is likely to be much easier to read and evaluate than one that has been written freehandedly.

  3. 2. Break Your Research Paper Up Into Sections
  4. It is also a good idea to break your research paper up into different parts. This will make your paper much easier to read and navigate. It will also make the writing process easier as you will be able to focus on one part at a time.

    Different sections to include are: Introduction, Hypothesis, Research Method, Findings, Examples, Evidence Points, and Conclusion.

  5. 3. Write Your Thesis in Draft Form
  6. When composing a thesis for your research papers try to think of your thesis as being fluid. What this means is that the thesis is never set in stone. In order to begin writing you will have to have some sort of thesis to work with. This will help you better target your research and begin to find examples to use in your composition. However, as your write you conduct your research you may discover new ideas that may be better suited for the thesis.

    Once you have your research notes, go back re-evaluate and re-write your thesis. This will help you to create a more concise paper.

  7. 4. Always Edit Your Paper!
  8. The last rule for writing an excellent research paper that we can provide is to ALWAYS EDIT YOUR PAPER. It is extremely careless to lose grade points over silly errors.

Once you have completed the writing process you should really go back and carefully edit your paper. This includes looking for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as cutting out parts that don’t ad to the overall composition.