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How to Formulate a Thesis of Your Term Paper

A term paper takes a lot of hard work and effort to do properly. A lot of people start to feel stressed and then become overwhelmed with the idea of writing a term paper on their own. Remember that you are not alone, many students have done it before you and your teacher is there to guide you through it. Start small. Don’t try to think up the whole thing at once. You start with a simple thesis statement. Your thesis will be what the entire paper is built around.

Your thesis

  • - Consider the topic you are going to use and what you want to prove
  • - Narrow down your topic
  • - Boil it down to a single sentence

  • Consider the topic
  • When writing a term paper the topic is important as always. You want to think of something you enjoy and come up with a broad idea of what your topic will be. If it is a science term paper and you love frogs than start there. Now you have an idea for your topic. You want the topic to be about frogs.

  • Narrow it down
  • Once you have picked your broad topic you will have to narrow the focus of the topic quite a bit. You love talking about frogs. That is great. Now go smaller. What about frogs do you want to be your focus? Then maybe you make your topic about a particular evolutionary adaptation that specific kinds of frogs, or all frogs, use to protect themselves. This is a smaller range of topic so you can put more focus into the specifics.

  • Boil it down to a single statement
  • Now is when you find your thesis. The point of your paper is found right here in this moment. The thesis is the point of the paper so once you have the narrow view you can find the thesis in it. You will need one single statement that intends to prove something. This can be anything even that frogs are the best amphibians because they have this ability. Whatever that statement ends up being, that is the thesis of your paper. It is a simple as that.

Once you have your thesis and know what the paper is about things will be much easier. Using this process you can always find a good thesis that will make for a good paper. Just keep in mind that you need facts to back up your thesis statement and try to prove what you have said to be true by the end.