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Winning Expository Paper Topics for Middle School

Students write hundreds of expository essays during the years they spend at school. This type of written assignment is so popular because it makes students describe certain phenomena with facts, not opinions. It forms the basis for future research papers, which will require exact data and no emotions. The topics of expository essays cover all subjects studied in middle school, and usually start with words such as “explain,” “describe,” “what,” or “how”.

The following list of expository paper topics may give students some ideas and be exciting to investigate:

  1. 1. Explain why a particular person is your role model.
  2. Give reasons and facts why somebody you look up to is worth imitating.

  3. 2. Explain why teachers are exacting and strict.
  4. Support the idea with a lot of examples that demonstrate that strictness and exactingness are necessary in teaching.

  5. 3. Explain how living in a single-parent family affects teenage behavior.
  6. Describe the drawbacks of having only one parent; discuss the influence the family type has on a child’s actions.

  7. 4. Explain why some teens adopt a style of living suggested by the emo subculture.
  8. Dwell on the features of the subculture, and give reasons why some children are lured into it.

  9. 5. Describe the consequences of getting pregnant at school.
  10. Study the stories of teenage girls who got pregnant early, and study the problems they have because of it.

  11. 6. Describe some ways students can get pocket money.
  12. Explore the advantages part-time jobs have; organize a poll to get trustworthy data.

  13. 7. Explain why it is not possible to introduce daily worship in every school.
  14. Study the religious diversity in your school; give reasons why this would be offensive to representatives of different backgrounds.

  15. 8. What is depression? Explain why some teenagers get depressed.
  16. Explore the illness to find out why and how it affects adolescents.

  17. 9. How to prevent cyber-bullying?
  18. Explain what the term means, give real life examples, and suggest solutions to the problem.

  19. 10. What effects do social networks have on the relationships between classmates?
  20. Study the phenomenon of social networking; describe how it affects the way children communicate.

  21. 11. What is Google? How do search engines change the way children do their homework?
  22. Explore this technological innovation; make a list of changes it made in the educational process.

  23. 12. How does a USB stick work?
  24. Describe the function of the device; dwell on the processes it ensures.