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How to Get Free Help Writing an Academic Paper

Academic writing can be much easier if you know where to get free help. Depending on the specific kind of assistance you need – from brainstorming for ideas to formatting issues – you may take advantage of a variety of sources, both online and offline.


  • - Browse the Web for lists of the best research topics. One of these ideas may fit. Even if they don’t, you will at least get a starting point for further search.

  • - Talk to family members and friends. Find out what essay or research paper on your subject they would be interested in. The answers may be unexpected or not fully relevant, but one of them might solve your problem.

  • - If a general topic has been assigned and you need a specific aspect to focus on, look through academic articles or books at your local library. Most scholarly works point out the need for further research in their conclusions. You may explore one of these questions.

Writing Process

  • - Look for writing tips online. Useful guidelines can be found on educational resources, writing services websites, or large community projects such as WikiHow or eHow.

  • - Ask your friends who are successful in academic writing about how they manage it. Some of their methods may work for you as well, while others may not. Try different styles of writing to develop your perfect style.

Proper Layout and Style

  • - Read essays or research papers written by other people in your school library. This will help you get a general feeling of the proper language and organization of thought.

  • - Browse the Web for more examples of free essays. They do not necessarily have to be on a topic similar to yours. The rules of academic writing are similar for most subjects.


  • - Use Google Scholar to pick quotes from full versions of academic papers or textbooks which you normally cannot access.

  • - If you are short of several sources for your reference section, look at the bibliographies of the books and articles you have used. Pick relevant titles and browse the Web for them, or at least for fragments you can quote.


  • - Search educational resources like Purdue Writing Lab for examples of papers written in the academic style you need. These samples are very detailed and well-explained. You will get a perfect idea of what your paper should look like.

  • - If any of your assignment requirements are confusing, ask a tutor whether you got it right. It is better to ask than failing it because you got it wrong.