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Research Paper Formatting: Learn How To Write In MLA Style

Formatting a research paper

Many students around the world are supposed to submit research papers to their universities or colleges. A term paper is usually an academic piece of writing, which needs to have an adequate tone and style. Most of the times teachers prefer to receive the paper in a certain format. Some teachers might want the students to follow the APA style and others may prefer MLA. It depends upon your teacher which one she picks. However, it is very important that you follow the format to be able to get a good grade. If you do not format your paper how your teacher wanted you to, she might not approve or even grade your paper. Writing a term paper is a lengthy task as compared to formatting it. The format of the paper will only take a few minutes. If this little effort makes up a lot of your grade then you must do it.

What is the MLA format?

MLA stands for modern language association. It is a standard format used across many universities and colleges for dissertations, thesis, research papers, and subject projects etc. you might think this is one hell of a task and you cannot do it successfully but this is not the case. Formatting a research paper is very easy, even if you have not done it before, you will find it easy than ever. If you have completed your research paper and are having trouble formatting it in MLA style then this article will teach you how you should do it. Below are simple steps to format your paper in MLA

Steps to format your paper in MLA style

The best way to begin with formatting is opening a blank Microsoft word document on your computer.

When you have the blank document on your screen, you will see different tablets and ribbons on top. This is the menu bar from where you can select various styles and margins. Go to the page layout ribbon and click on it. From here, you need to select 1-inch margins for your paper.

Come back to the home ribbon and go to drop down menu for selecting a font. In MLA, the ideal font is Times New Roman. Even though you can select other fonts that have easy readability but it is recommended that you choose Times New Roman

After selecting the font type, you have to select the size as well. Click on the drop down menu next to fonts and select 12. Choose line spacing as 2 for your paper

Make sure these remain uniform throughout your paper.