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How To Create A Good Research Paper Title On Obesity

An excellent research paper on obesity begins with a good title. This means that not all titles are good. A title would only be considered as good if it meets the following conditions.

  • Unique- considering that obesity has been studied for generations, a lot of literature exists on the subject. The secret to writing an excellent paper on obesity lies in finding a unique angle to the issue.
  • Original- what could be original about obesity? Despite numerous studies on the menace, there are emerging issues that are worth studying. You may consider the impact of technology, measures being taken by governments, lifestyle choices and obesity, etc. An original perspective will make your paper compelling to read.
  • Captivating- a captivating title for your research paper on obesity will make the reader curious and more interested in the content. Such titles can be developed through careful choice of words, stylistics like sarcasm, quoting a common misconception or revealing new information. Ensure that it makes the reader more interested in the content of your paper.

How then do you come up with an excellent title for your paper?

  1. Follow Your Passion
  2. Passion leads to creativity. Identify an aspect of obesity that interests you and write on it. You are likely to offer more and practical solutions if you are writing on an area you are passionate about. Information on the area is also easy to find since you have an idea about what you are looking for.

  3. Write The Body First
  4. After indentifying the broader area of research, do not waste you time looking for an appropriate title. Begin by constructing the body and reviewing all the literature you intend to use. This provides a better understanding of the issues to be handled. You will then return to create a title that will capture what you have written in the body.

  5. Avoid The Common Topics
  6. Common topics are difficult to turn into excellent research paper titles. They have been studied on numerous occasions and do not arouse any academic excitement. Watch news items, read conference materials and review journals to get unique and fresh perspectives in obesity. This will give you an idea of a good title.

The best title for your research paper on obesity is precise and specific. It sets boundaries of the area to be covered and gives a hint of what to expect from the paper. It must arouse curiosity in the reader and tempt him to dig deeper into the paper.