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Helpful Tips On How To Format A Research Paper Discussion Section

The main aim of the discussion of a research paper is to state your analysis and opinion about the topic. You have to write that part in order to explain the impact of whatever you have find out. Along with all these, you have to comment on the prospect of future research program of that particular topic.

The main objective is to answer all the queries made in some parts of the writing like in introduction. Not only in introduction, but you also need to give the reasons to support your point of view. Thus, the discussion is an important part in a thesis write-up, where you have to present it as the heart of the writing.

To write in a proper way, try to follow the given points:

  • You have to write it briefly but you have to state each and every important point and have to give reasons for every explanations and findings to support and defend your point of view. You should make clear of your thinking about the topic.
  • Before starting, you have to plan the outline each of the thing. So that you can write it more fluently. Make your writing general article from some specific subject.
  • Try to use the same keywords, so that your writing can be understand easily. You have to write the whole thesis paper in the same form of verb tense, i.e., present tense. While discussion, you have to use the same arguments and comments for every questions you have posed in the introductory part.
  • Make sure that you begin your writing with the statement of the hypothesis which you were testing and solving the queries which you have asked in the introduction.
  • Present your every argument by giving the viewpoints to support your answer. Give the explanation about how the outcome of your research can be related with the expectations of the literature. Bring out the facts why your research paper should be accepted by everyone and in what way the analysis fits in with the work published previously on the same topic.
  • Include each end every findings if the research work. Write about the results of your analysis. Mention every point of the outcome, which you have analysed from your work. Write about the expected changes or happenings which are about to takes place in the near future.