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Choosing A Proper Literature Research Paper Format: Basic Rules

A research paper is important at any time. It can completely change your grades, and it can make you the favorite of your teacher in only a few minutes. However, it will take much more than just a few minutes to write it: it will take weeks or even months. This, of course, depends on the topic and length, but it’s definitely not something that you can do in two or three days. Besides the topic, you need to worry about the general aspect of the paper; does it look professional? Here is how to choose the proper format for your composition:

  • Check the requirements. I’ve seen this before: students create a great paper, they work for months and they submit it. The result? The professor is disappointed. Even if their composition was amazing, they did not follow the strict requirements that the professor gave them. To prevent this, before choosing a specific format, ask your teacher about the details. Does he need the paper to be written in a certain way? Does he have specific requirements about the font or arrangement? If the answer is “no”, you can choose whatever you want.
  • Think about the topic. Yes, this is very important. You might think that the topic has nothing to do with the shape of the composition, but it’s not true. When you create an easy paper for a random course, you can use the most common one: APA style. It’s easy, without too many specific elements and you can find examples everywhere. On the other hand, if this is the final project of the year and it needs to be perfect, you need to put more work into it.
  • Consider the length and the additional elements of your text. If your paper has many references and quotations you will have to create a separate references page. Does the format that you use allow this? Also, if you have pictures in your project you might have some editing issues; you have to make sure that every picture fits perfectly on the page without looking chaotic.
  • Inspire yourself. If you are stuck and you can not find the right choice, go online. Search for a few research papers that have a similar topic with yours. What format did the author use? Pay attention to the details and apply them on your own text.