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Tips And Ideas For Writing A Sociology Research Paper On Bullying

A few years back, bullying was considered only a normal teasing between children. However, in the last years people started to understand how dangerous can this be, on psychological and physical level. A friendly teasing can lead to much more, and some children develop anxiety problems or depression because of this. Naturally, sociologists studied this behavior and they raised a sign of alarm. If your research paper is on this topic, you have to consider these ideas:

  • Be realistic. There are usually two types of articles about bullying: some of them are very cold, discussing only the scientific aspects, while the others are very dramatic. You want to put your research paper right in the middle. Do not exaggerate the consequences, and do not minimize them to a simple sadness. Try to be as realistic and objective as possible.
  • Do not involve your feelings. If you were a victim of bullying before, you will be tempted to involve your personal experience in the paper. While this can be useful if you only mention it, it can also become too much if you are not careful. It’s better to keep yourself cold and to forget about what happened. Maybe you will have the chance to help other students who are in the same position with your composition.
  • Discuss with a sociologist. He is the best one to explain why this happens, and how it can be stopped. Once you understand his explanations you can integrate them in your research paper, or quote him without adding anything else. Either way, this will bring a lot of new and useful information in your text.
  • Find the reasons. Children who bully other kids are not aggressive for no reason. The truth is that most of the bullies have problems, they witnessed domestic violence or they are insecure. Once you make others understand why bullies do this, they will know better how to stop them and help them get on the right path.
  • Offer some solutions. If this takes place in school, the professors are the ones who can do something to prevent it. There are many exercises, courses and projects that they can start to help your classmates stop this behavior. If the child does not go to school yet, you need to take the parents into consideration and to explain how they can educate their child.