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4 Tips To Consider Looking For An APA Research Paper Outline Example

An outline is normally included in APA research papers, and it is one of the first pages that your tutor will see. Good examples can help you make your content page as error-free as possible.

  1. Look for whole papers rather than individual outlines.
  2. When you explore a full research paper text, you can see how its content page corresponds with other parts, what is included in each section, how long each section is, etc. Accurate and free sample APA papers can be found in your college or university library, or at a local writing center. Meanwhile, the examples discovered on the general Web might be of low quality and not fully consistent with style guidelines.

  3. Check style manuals.
  4. While using outline examples from genuine research papers is preferable, the sample content pages published in APA style manuals are great models as well. You can easily borrow academic style guidebooks from your university library. A style manual should have several examples of research paper outlines, e. g. those in heading and sentence format. Choose the one to use according to your needs, and to the specific requirements by your instructor. Anyway, you can be sure that all examples from style manuals have been carefully proofread and are in full compliance with the respective style guidelines. Just make sure you use the most recent edition of the book; slight modifications might occur over time.

  5. Consult your assignment requirements.
  6. Before starting your search, review your instructions for this paper once again. They might contain a specific outline template for you to use; in this case, you do not need any other examples at all. If it is only said that you should follow APA style, then you are free to use any good samples you discover. There might also be a link to a style manual with relevant sample research paper outlines.

  7. Consult your instructor in case of any doubts.
  8. If you are not sure on which modification of APA outline you should use (e. g. heading or sentence format) and your assignment provides no instructions, ask a question to your tutor. Moreover, you can print your chosen example, bring it to your tutor, and ask whether you can use it as a model. It is better to clarify any doubts you have at the early stage than have to revise this part of your research paper later, when you might not have enough time.