research paper writing

A Step-By-Step Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations

Writing a quality research paper or a dissertation is a very sophisticated process. The writer has to consider several things relevant to the academic writing and also the requirements of the institute where the student is studying. Following is a step by step guide, which can ensure a quality production of term paper theses and dissertation:

  • Select a subject – The writers should carefully choose the topic. He should ensure that the topic is broad enough where the writer have scope for research and can produce a lot of arguments which can be proved as well. Another critical thing to consider for the writers is that the subject should be interesting for which the writer has the appropriate motivation.

  • Narrow the topic – Most of the subjects are very broad, which can lead to diverse conclusions within the scope of the subject. The writers should narrow down their topic and try to bring their topic to a specific conclusion. The writers at this point should ideally jot down the main ideas rather than taking the notes on the topic.

  • State your objective or thesis statement – The thesis statement basically describes the point of view which you are going to express, support your topic statement and bring it towards a definite conclusion. Your objective or the thesis statement of your paper provides you with a controlling idea, which would also help you to choose the resource materials for your research paper or the dissertation you are writing.

  • Forming a preliminary bibliography – Forming a preliminary bibliography would give the writers a list of potential sources of information. You should critically evaluate all the resources as you go on writing a dissertation.

  • Prepare an outline – Drafting an outline is important, as it tells you how you would approach in writing your term paper thesis or a dissertation. It will give you an initiative, as how to organize your ideas.

  • Notes – At this point, you can take your notes. Separate your ideas by taking notes on different index papers.

  • Final outline of the paper – The final outline is a bit more complex than the initial outline. In the final outline, the writer should divide his ideas into several sub ideas or sub topics.

  • Write a rough draft – Start writing a rough draft by following the complete structure of a research paper.

  • Editing – Keep on editing your draft until it is mature.

  • Final draft – After thorough editing and revision of the initial draft, a final draft is written.