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Finding Expository Research Paper Topics in the Library

Your local library and school research centre have a rich selection of inspiration that can help you find expository research paper topics. But using topics that already exist would be a poor strategy if you wanted to write something that would stand out and earn you high marks. Therefore, the pertinent question has to be, “How can I use the library to come up with really good, original topics?”

A quick note on finding the right area

The thing with libraries is that the resources there are usually organized in a very narrowed fashion. An expository research topic can be on any publication, but if your area of study has already been chosen for you, you may struggle to find the right place to start looking.

In these situations, just remember that there are subcategories to every category. Try to find the connection from a subject (like history) and the topic you’re looking for (like a book on the life of Mother Teresa). One is history, while the other may be seen as idealistic. Talk to your librarian if you still struggle to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A publication’s criteria for a good exposition

As mentioned already, any publication can be exposited. However, if you wish to write an expository research paper that really stands out, there are some things to keep in mind. The section that you are considering for your exposition should have the following criteria:

  • - A construct that can be broken down into an understandable pattern.
  • - An obscure message that you will be able to unfold into a more understandable message.
  • - Something within the section that allows you and the reader to transition from one point to the next without veering off from the original intentions of the writer.
  • - A message that can be accentuated by your analysis thereof.

Take your notebook with you

It’s imperative that you bring along some writing material in order to take notes. A wise course of action while at the library would be to choose three or four books/sections that you think will work well with your assignment. Then, test those sections against the criteria mentioned above and make notes as you go.

The one that you can see making the best expository paper is the book you will take out. The best part about doing it this way is that you’ve already gotten a great head start on your research!