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How to Do You Write a Term Paper Proposal? – Easy Pointers for Dummies

There are a few common elements you should always put into your term paper proposal. These include: a draft title and a draft thesis (or intention) of the essay you plan to write. The reason behind a term paper proposal is to give your instructor a detailed description of you what you intend to do so that he or she can make adjustments or corrections before you start your work. If you put a good amount of effort in your term paper proposal, then you will likely have a great start to writing your final paper.

Here are five steps to writing a great term paper proposal:

  • Step 1) Choose a term paper topic that you are genuinely interested in or familiar with. Before you start writing your paper proposal you should check to make sure your topic meets your instructor’s guidelines.

  • Step 2) Start writing a brief and simple description of your term paper. Include the title even if it’s only a draft and the major points you intend to make. What are you going try to prove or disprove? Be clear in your position, you don’t want your instructor to not know the direction you are taking.

  • Step 3) Next, draft an outline for you to plan out your argument and term paper layout. Beneath every major point you should list 2 – 3 pieces of evidence you plan to use to prove your point. These may not be fully developed yet but it will give your draft outline some structure, which you can later use to conduct your research.

  • Step 4) Explain both the significance of your topic as well as what your contribution will be to the overall knowledge of the topic. You might be expanding an idea or providing further insight on something that is already well known. But you still want to give a reason why you have embarked on this work. And “because my teacher assigned it” isn’t an acceptable reason.

  • Step 5) List all of the references and sources you plane to use. Even if some of them don’t make it into your paper, it’s a good idea to give your instructor as much information about your research as possible. When you’ve covered all of these steps you will have more than enough information to put together for your proposal, as well as a decent start for your research and final paper.