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What makes a good research paper topic

Everyone who has to write an essay or paper needs to find the right research topic. Doing a research paper is hard work and takes time and real effort. A good amount of that effort goes into finding the right topic to write about. Some people never find the right topic and end up settling for a topic that they didn’t even want but got stuck with after they couldn’t think of anything else. So what is the secret to finding the right research paper topic? Here are some helpful tips to finding the right one for you.

A good research paper topic is:

  • Something you are genuinely interested in
  • Broad enough to make a long enough paper
  • Narrow enough to have a specific focus

A genuine interest

If you just pick any topic that you hear first you will be making the paper harder on yourself. If you have a real interest in the topic of the paper than doing the research on it isn’t tedious and boring. It becomes something you want to learn more about. Once it is time to write the paper you will have an actual interest in what you are saying and that will show and maybe even get you a better grade because of it.

A broad topic

Make sure that the topic that you choose has a broad enough range to fill a whole paper, however long it has to be each time. If your topic is where George Washington went to high school and you have a ten-page paper, you will never have enough to talk about to fill that up. Choosing a topic like George Washington’s education might be just enough to make it last though. You need to have enough information after doing the research to go the distance.

A specific focus

You should always settle on a broad topic first like George Washington, and then narrow your focus to something more specific. Once you have the broad topic like a person or a particular scientific idea, you can focus in on something specific to give your paper a main focus. You don’t want it to be too general or have to stop writing before you get in all of your research. Some topics are so broad that you would never finish the paper. It is important that your paper be a good one and a lot of that is the topic you choose. Pick something broad that you actually like reading and writing about and then hone in on something more particular. It should be a paper about a specific thing but a thing that has enough information to cover the word count.