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History Research Paper Topic Ideas: The Civil War

History is a very interesting subject to write a research paper about. It usually depends upon the teacher that what area she wants her students to write about. Some teachers want the students to learn about ancient civilizations, or French revolution while others may want the students to talk about role of certain factors over the passage of time. However, the most common assigned subject to history students is the Civil war. This holds a significant value in shaping the American civilization and milestone for equality of rights for all humans. You can explore many areas if you want to write about the civil war.

Approaches to the civil war topics

There are different approaches you can use for the research paper in civil war. First, you need to pick an approach and then think about all the possible topics under that division. To understand it, you should have a look at the following examples.

The origins of the civil war

  • - Discuss the factors that led to the civil war
  • - Was slavery the only reason for civil war or it would have occurred even without it?
  • - Is it possible cause of the civil war that new states were introduced in America?

Civil war from a military perspective

  • - You can talk about situations that did not actually happen and assume the effects of such situations. You can talk about different military personnel and their role in the civil war.
  • - Which battalion contributed the most from the united side?
  • - Which generals and higher military officials were with the confederacy and switched to United and vice versa?
  • - Why Stonewall Jackson died during the war?

The groups of civil war

  • - Discuss the role of African American in civil war
  • - Talk about the role of Native Americans in civil war
  • - Were there a percentage of Native Americans who fought for the rights of slaves?
  • - What regiment fought from your state in the civil war?
  • - Was there a certain group who fought more the front in civil war?

The after effects of the civil war

  • - What changes did the civil war bring to overall constitution of the United States?
  • - What was the role of Lincoln in supporting and encouraging slaves?
  • - Give your personal opinion for the role of people of south after the civil war
  • - What were the changes in the employment and job sector after the civil war in America?