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In Search of Persuasive Research Paper Topic Examples

A persuasive research paper is an argumentative assignment where authors try to convince people to take their point of view, believe a concept or accept a judgment. There are lots of online guides that describe how to prepare the paper in detail. However, you should also focus on the ways you can search for a persuasive research paper topic and check the most popular examples of topics you can choose from.

Initial Searches

Initial searches are easy to do. Whether you prefer searching in the library, or enjoy online resources, it would not take you long. Take your time and come up with several topic ideas, then type them in your favorite search engine or scan a library’s catalogue. Look through the types of sources you get for the topics. Make sure that the sources are diverse, e.g. books, working papers, articles, newspapers, etc. most teachers do not encourage research papers written based on a single type of source.

Check if the resources you require are available, you can borrow books from the library or get them online for free. Some libraries also offer their books in an electronic format. Some works may be written in a foreign language, so do not miss a chance to have some language practice and do not hesitate to use them. Your supervisor can also help you to find useful materials.

Persuasive Research Paper Examples

Once you have chosen your topic, start writing the paper’s structure. Most topics fall into the following elements:

  • An effect or a cause
  • What is the main reason something occurs? Why is something happening?

  • A description
  • What does this mean? How can you understand a certain situation?

  • Practice
  • What can we do? What is the best way to reach a goal? Who is responsible for something?

  • A case
  • What is the case? What has really happened? Who is responsible for something?

  • A value
  • What is truly important? What are people worried about?

Persuasive Research Paper Sample Topics

  1. 1. Sport makes people happy.
  2. 2. All you need for happiness is love.
  3. 3. Technologies make our lives better.
  4. 4. University students should study several foreign languages.
  5. 5. Travelling helps to understand who you are.
  6. 6. College education should be free and available for everyone.
  7. 7. Healthy diets are expensive.
  8. 8. Light drugs should be legalized.
  9. 9. Climate change is the most dangerous challenge of the XXI century.
  10. 10. Human cloning is the best way to study human nature.