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Where To Go Looking For Research Paper Outline Template

The importance of proper research paper outline

A research paper outline is more than the- introduction, body and conclusion format. It’s crucial that you get the outline correct in order to make it stand out. Many grad students have the misconception that- it’s only the content of the paper that matters to the evaluators. But an ideal and catchy outline will not only make you score brownie points but also turn your paper into a readers’ favorite.

Four avenues to look for research paper outline template

  • Ask your mentor first
  • The first step should be to ask your mentor about the correct outline of your final research paper. Request you guide to provide you with some outline templates. If he appears reluctant, then check out the departmental website to notice- whether it has uploaded some paper outline templates or not. If there is no template, then see it if it is possible to request to your departmental head to upload it in the intranet.

  • Go to the library
  • In the library you are bound to find many guide-books as well as scholarly journals about paper outline tips as well as some sample templates. This process may take time and effort from your part, but rest assured that these templates are some of the best and ideal ones. If your librarian doesn’t permit you to photocopy them or borrow them for some time, then go to the old route of noting down persistently.

  • Take help of the internet
  • The virtual space is full of templates for paper outline. There are many free academic sites that contain useful tips for researchers as well as paper outline templates. Trust the ones more that have .edu or .org in their urls. There are multiple templates that you will find in the internet and it may appear quite confusing to you about which one to trust. You can download few of your favorite templates and show them to your mentor. If he approves any one, then go ahead with it.

  • Contact to your seniors
  • If you fail to zero upon a perfect outline template from the internet, then you should approach your seniors and seek their assistance. It would be best, if you can gather 2-3 papers from the ex-students of your department and compare the paper outlines. Obviously, this process means forming a good rapport with the senior students, so that they trust you enough to lend their papers.