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Vital Advice On How To Start Off A Research Paper Introduction

One of the most difficult pieces of writing to do is starting off your research paper introduction. It is guaranteed to get you nervous and in general give you writers block. There is a lot of pressure on you as a writer and as a student.

If you can master an effective and appealing start to your thesis then this will engage your reader (who in the first part will be your professor), to look forward to reading more of your work.

In an ideal world what you should be aiming for in your introduction is to gently guide your reader into your work, not to give them the total account of your work but an outline giving them a taste of what is to come in the rest of the document.

Solid Gold Start

Just like in any other piece of writing you need to have a solid gold sentence to start with. This can be a quote or an attention grabber. You could even ask a question, as this will get your reader thinking right from the start. Just make sure that the question is related to the topic of your work.

Try pulling out one piece of information out from your work that will get the reader to sit up and think. If you get the reader’s attention like this then they will realize that you have an important message to share. Use this as a hook on which to place the rest of your introduction.

Whatever you deiced to do to start, make it positive. This will show you work in a good light. If you start of in a negative tone then that will set the tone for the rest of the paper. You may need to check the wording of your first sentence several times before you are really satisfied with it.

Keep it Short

There is no need to give a lengthy and wordy start to your work. If you do give a wordy start then you will soon find that you will digress and ramble which will cause your reader to lose interest. A rambling star to the document will give the sign that you have not spent the time in organizing your ideas.

Ideally what you need to do is briefly introduce your subject the move on to talk about the particular interest that you have in the subject. Remember that the introduction is not a précis of the project, as the abstract will take care of that, so you don’t need to replicate it in any way.

Keep it Short. Keep it Simple. Keep it focused.