research paper writing

Research paper writing tricks that will help you complete your project faster

During the first few weeks of your university life, it will probably be challenging to plan your time and accurately determine the number of hours that you will need to complete assignments especially research papers. Writing for university assignments must incorporate critical thinking, consistent thought and legitimate substantiation for the information presented. Appropriate formatting and methods of referencing are also demanded at the college level e.g. APA, Harvard and MLA. Citations and reference pages are an integral part of writing assignments that draw from external sources of information, as are bibliographies.

Points presented must be explained and described, based on valid sources of information that must be well referenced. University level assignments often extend much longer than 3 pages and include critical examination of issue stemming from an inquisitive attitude.

There are different types of writing assignments in university, including short and long essays, scientific report, case studies and reviews of literature. It is imperative that information written be researched and studied so that you are able to provide more than simply an opinion or point of view.

In order to expedite the research process it is important that you remain organized throughout your research.

  • - This starts with creating a folder where ALL relevant materials are stored. Inside this folder put all of your research down to the very last brainstorming document.
  • - Make your template (whether APA or Chicago) right off the bat and then save it as a blank template that you can return to when you are done with your research.
  • - Create a word document that only contains references. This will make it significantly easier and faster to create your reference page or works cited when you are done
  • - Use your highlighter tool to mark places in your draft where you need to insert a proper citation if you don’t want to break the flow of writing.
  • - Follow this with notes in red about what text or analysis you need to add

While the general principles of writing are consistent across the board some subjects and specializations have special requirements for writing. For instance, writing for business incorporates more technical aspects that writing for English literature. Pay attention to these specifications, while keeping in mind that all college-level writing assignments are expected to have some basic characteristics: they must be fee form plagiarism and adhere to your institution’s policies. As you grow in your field of study, you will be better placed to estimate and allocate the amount of time that is required to complete projects and papers, and managing your time will become more natural as you settle into the course of study.