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Interesting Economics Research Paper Topics For High School

Economics in high school can be a difficult class for many students. One of the things that can be very challenging is any essay. In most economics classes in high school, there is more of a focus on the math and concepts that underlie economics, but in some cases, classes will make you write essays. Because this does not happen everywhere, it can be difficult to find the help and support you need through this trying time. Never fear, there are several high school economic paper topic ideas that you can use to jump-start your essay.

  1. 1. There is a lot of discussion in the public arena right now of the consequences of Obama care in America. This system is similar to those used in Canada and European counties, but many people are angry about it. It is portrayed as ineffective or hard to implement, or imposing some, other costs. What credence is there to both sides of the argument, and who is correct?

  2. 2. There is a lot of class warfare all over the world right now. Why does differing economic success cause so much strife? This is true over many times and places in the world, so can economics explain why this happens? What effect does class warfare have on strife and the economy?

  3. 3. Is there a tech bubble right now? Programmers are commanding very high salaries for the level of education that they receive. This is somewhat abnormal, and it may be possible that they will normalize to degrees like engineering. This is somewhat combined with medical degrees, because many doctors are leaving the field and not as many people are learning to be doctors because of the insanely high costs of medical school. What kind of correlations are there between these and what parallels can we draw?

  4. 4. What can be done to stop the exploitation of poorer nations by richer ones? In the short term there are very good rewards to enter into the sale of oil or other raw materials for the individuals involved, but often there can be harm to that society. What kind of solutions exists?

  5. 5. What can economics tell us about the gasification of education? Is it possible that schooling will reflect economic principles as we cater our educational system to the unique perspectives of the millennial? When this happens, how will it change socialization and interaction between students from different backgrounds?