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Finding the Hottest Topics for Research Papers

Choosing a hot and original topic for your essay will make people notice and appreciate your work. This is the best way to go if you want to make an impression and get some extra credit.

Ideas for a topic like this do not come easily, so you will need to use some inspiration. You can find it through various sources. The best options in this case are:

  • News:
  • It is very simple. If you want to pick a hot topic, you need to know what is considered hot today. Following the news will definitely give you a good idea about the power dynamics in current society. This will help you determine which controversial topic will appeal to the audience the most.

  • Periodicals:
  • Various specialized periodicals are full of articles that show the problems common for one field from different angles. Studying them will also keep you informed of any changes and developments that can affect your essay.

  • Social events:
  • Attending various events such as seminars, workshops, and even parties will allow you to socialize with versatile groups of people. Talking to them and discussing the pressing issues will give you a chance to predict how the readers will react to the arguments presented in your essay.

Some topics remain hot and controversial at all times. You can always choose one of them in order to create a truly impressive essay. Here are some suggestions you can use:

  • Hate crimes.
  • This essay can be a case study of a particular crime or several crimes committed by a certain group of individuals. You can also choose to address the issues behind these offences or the consequences that hate crimes have on society as a whole.

  • Use of religion in politics.
  • This topic has been hot for centuries and people still argue about it avidly. You can explore various sides of the matter. For example, describe several examples of successful or unsuccessful uses of religious propaganda in political campaigns. Another option is to focus on the moral side of the relationship between politics and religion.

  • Child care.
  • With this topic, you will have plenty of room to improvise. You can write about standards of child care in kindergartens, or about the methods to monitor signs of abuse. You can focus on health and explain what should be included in proper child care depending on the age of children.

  • The efficiency of presidential debates.
  • Study some examples from the past, and determine whether the actual changes implemented by past presidents correspond with the promises they made during the debates.