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How To Choose A Proper Research Paper Reference Format

The process of choosing a proper research paper reference format is actually quite easy. Why is this?

Because most of the time it is done for you.

When you look over your assignment instructions it will often say something to the effect of “Use Harvard style referencing” or “Format your paper in APA”. It might also suggest that “all citations should appear as footnotes and be in Chicago format”. Generally speaking, the format required will be listed on your assignment details, your syllabus, or your teacher will tell you.

Once you have the reference format, you can get started straight away.

When you are given a big paper assignment, you often have a due date that seems to be far, far away. Why worry about starting it now? Why not put it off for a day? Or for a week?

  1. 1. What if you fall ill? No teacher is a fan of excuses, especially about an emergency or sickness. And if you have one month or one year to do something, and you put it off, your illness won’t matter because you technically had enough time that a week of illness would not have prevented you from finishing the work. Plus, if you do come up sick, you will be very grateful that you don’t have to try and read over complicated statistical data and correlations with a head cold, and can afford to take a few days off.

  2. 2. Finally, the sooner you begin work on your project, the more time you will give yourself for proofreading, revising, and relaxation. Just imagine how nice it will feel to get all of that done with days to spare, while all of your friends are missing out on the big game because they are stuck at the computer lab.

If you are unable to think of a topic that suits your paper, you should take a moment to review these philosophy related topics. They may serve as inspiration, or they may be the perfect topic for your next paper:

  • Is the American Dream still in existence? What is the modern American Dream?
  • Write about how people define love
  • Write a paper describing how people define truth
  • Write an essay that explains how some people describe honor
  • Write about times when lying is acceptable
  • Write about attitudes in modern society toward right/wrong
  • Is the philosophy of “eye for an eye” still acceptable? Or is it immoral?
  • Write about whether modern terrorism is considered revolutionary