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Helpful Tips For Writing A Research Paper Using The Chicago Style

The Chicago style is mainly used for manuscript preparation and publication and may also be used for several other assignments depending on the preferences of your teacher. You can use this style manual in a wide variety of papers. It is mainly called the editor’s style due to its specs and features. You would often use this style in humanities because it gives the writers a system for citing their sources with the help of footnotes and endnotes as well as bibliography. You would not that different style manuals have different features unique to themselves. Even though a lot of similarities exist in these style manuals, a few features are specific for each manual. If your teacher has specified you to use this style manual or if it is necessary to use for the subject you are addressing, you should keep a certain important things in your mind

Each entry that you make using the Chicago style, will have certain important and common requirements. We will discuss each of them below for your understanding

Author name

The name of the author is inverted in the bibliography for Chicago style. You will place the last name of the author first and separate it from the first name with the help of a comma. For example, Dania Shah, would become Shah, Dania. This rule applies to compilers, translators also if there is not an author listed in the source


The title of the book, magazine, journal or a research paper is written using the italics. If there is an article, chapter of a book or a poem, then you will write the title in quotation marks. If you have any confusion, it is better to consult your supervisor or instructor instead of doing it the wrong way

The information for publication

When you enter the information about the publication of a paper, then you will have to follow certain specifications. You will list the year of publication after the name of the journal or the name of the publisher


When you write a bibliography, you will separate all the major elements with periods. Make sure that you are careful with the punctuations in your paper

These are the important features you have to keep in mind about the Chicago style. If there are any other requirements, you should confirm that from your teacher